Thursday, September 27, 2012

A gift idea

Yesterday, I went exploring, primarily for ideas for work but one of the best places I went was Boxwoods in Buckhead. It was really a wonderful place.

While there, I took a few photos of their ivy topiaries. I love ivy and I love topiaries and I have thought about creating my own over and over from my ivy beds. They certainly could use thinning and I certainly would love to have topiaries.

I have also been thinking about gift ideas for Christmas and this is certainly a good one. This simple one, above was priced at $30 and I think it is such a great idea. It's just a pot, potting soil, wire and ivy trained to grow around the wire.

I will have more on Boxwoods and more about topiaries later. But isn't this lovely?

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  1. What a beautiful plant! I love ivy too but don't have too much luck in keeping it alive. Would love hearing more about ivy and keeping it alive, indoors. Boxwoods is a great place for flowers and plants, Joanie