Friday, September 21, 2012

Yesterday was a "fair" day

Yesterday was a great day for the children in our family. We took them to the fair and had a wonderful evening of delights like you can only find at a county fair. The fairway was covered with rides, games and fun. That included a terribly un-nutritious but delicious dinner of corn dogs, french fries and at least one funnel cake.

Riley, our granddaughter, liked any ride that moved as long as it was close to the ground. Eli liked every ride and his favorite was the ferris wheel.

It is great to be seven years old because you can throw up your arms as if the slowest ride on the fairway was as much fun as the largest roller coaster at Six Flags and adults will join you for the sheer fun of it.

I must admit, I enjoyed it because they have so many tame rides that a special-needs child can ride, too. Our Noah didn't get to ride all the rides but he did have his share of fun.

Here he is with mom spinning around and around in a cute little dinosaur.

We did spend some time with the rabbits, chickens, turkeys, donkeys, goats, sheep and one curious little pony who wanted to make friends with Noah.

We saw a wild west show featuring trick riding, whips and rope tricks, trained horses and even a beautiful Arabian stallion who rared and walked on his hind legs, then gave us a graceful bow to end the show.

We had so much fun. I think our Coweta County fair was clean and more family friendly than any I have ever seen. It was worth the trip, and I can't imagine how anyone could go and not have at least a few moments of amusement or nostalgia.

Compared to the price of taking your family to a movie, this was about the same and the memories will last forever, especially for my crew who agreed they wanted to go again as soon as possible.

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  1. Love your photos, Deberah - looks like so much fun! Our son is going to school in Statesboro now and our 'fair days' are just a memory today. But we sure enjoyed Coweta's Fair, especially the agriculture and 4-H displays. And you're right: it is so very clean. Thanks for sharing the story, Joanie