Monday, September 10, 2012

What a weekend!!

 I had quite a weekend this week because we had a big push to get our fall garden in before the weather turned really cool. We wanted to get the quick growth while the weather was still warm and we do have a good start already. Our kale is looking really great. I was pretty excited about the start we have gotten because kale is a big favorite of mine.

My mother is very excited about our bok choy that we are growing from seed.

Our late okra is beginning to produce. We love our okra!

Our onions and leeks are looking good.

We still have some hot peppers that are producing.

And our turnip greens are beginning to look good, too.

We planted some more winter squash and though I don't have much hope of it producing before frost, it is worth a try.

We are also leaving our zinnias which are still blooming. Our bees still have something to come to the garden for. On Saturday we had hummingbirds buzzing around them.

We had to do quite a bit of plowing because things had grown up more than usual for us. We need to do some major mulching and we may have to do some hand watering before we get rain again.

We also planted about 150 collard, broccoli and Brussels sprout plants which need mulching, too. We planted them after we took these photos--but I was just too tired and my muscles ached too much to take more photos. I just went home and took a very warm bath. Obviously, I need to get out in the garden more often.

This was a great start for our winter garden and of course we are hoping and praying for more rain.

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  1. Love your photos, especially the one of the zinnias - you don't see those too often. I have learned so much from your blog, thank you for all the great ideas and photos and continued success on your garden. Joanie