Friday, September 7, 2012

Taking advantage of summer sales

Yes, sadly, these are my feet in flip flops--corns, bunions and all. I am not trying to be a foot model and I am neither proud or ashamed of my feet. I am proud of one thing. I bought these new flip flops I am wearing for just 75 cents at CVS.

If you are like me you plan to take advantage of all those summer bargains out there and though summer is almost over, it's hard to resist buying end of season bargains. I have a few rules for myself that I consider conservative bargain shopping rules. Even if I really like an item and it is very cheap, it must fall in these categories or I won't purchase it:

#1: Is the item cheap enough so that I can get enough use from it so that the item pays for itself? These flip flops were cheaper than a pack of gum and roughly the same amount as a small candy bar from a vending machine. Flip flops are more pricey than they used to be (isn't everything?) so I think these have already paid for themselves.

#2: Can I use this item? Certainly I can. I think I can use them for the remainder of the warm weather and for next summer. Truth is, I can use them better than the before-mentioned candy bar.

#3: Is it stylish enough to use next year? I believe they are. I bought two pairs--one, the blue ones above, and a solid black pair. If I had chosen different colors, maybe not. These items are not out there, so it is a yes for this rule.

#4: Will it go with other things in my wardrobe? Yes. Jeans, a blue sleeveless dress and plenty of casual clothes. These flip flops will go with most of my casual clothing.

#5: Is the item age-appropriate for me? Yes. Another color, maybe not. Flip flops are for everyone. I can't wear them just anywhere but I have plenty of places I can wear them. I can't work in the garden in them but I can walk to the mailbox and go to the beach or the pool and they are great at-home wear.

#6: If I get it home and don't like it, can I give it to someone? I think the answer is yes.

I will have to wait until next summer to really make good use of this purchase but right now I am pretty pleased with myself about this find--even if I don't look like a foot model.

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  1. I like your post, Deberah - those flip flops are so cute! I also like your tips for bargain hunting and I agree, it's good to have some limits: otherwise, it's so easy to overspend on all the great deals. Thanks for sharing, Joanie