Thursday, September 13, 2012

I choose organic

 A couple of people have mentioned to me, a new study by Stanford University that organic and non-organic foods have the same nutritional value and they want to know what I think. Their study might be entirely correct and I know this is not the only study out there that has come to the same or a similar conclusion. But, they miss the point entirely about why people do, and should in my opinion, eat more organic foods and raise their own food whenever possible.

It's not the nutritional value I question about non-organic foods but the chemicals used on the foods. The dyes, the additives and the practice of genetically modifying such basic foods like corn and soybeans. These practices are widespread and many feel the rise of autism, antibiotic resistant, germs, ADHD and some cancers may be the culprit of these food practices.

Years ago, there were no chemicals added to foods. What you saw growing in the field was what you got. Today dyes, flavor enhancers, chemicals that extend the shelf-life of foods and genetically-modified products are in almost everything we see in the grocery store. Food travels across the country and in some cases across oceans to reach our markets and are kept looking fresh by chemicals. Chemicals are pumped into our foods to make them tastier and keep them looking better, for a longer period of time. The object being to get us to buy more.

The foods we grow in our gardens can go from garden to table in a day, keeping the nutrients intact until we eat them. Fresh vegetables are more nutritious and better for you. There are many studies out there that agree with this statement.

Also the study fails to mention that children are more susceptible to chemicals, bacteria and additives because they are smaller, with less developed digestive systems. They are more affected by these things than adults.

I am a very conservative person and I feel that people have to make their own choices about what to buy. I also feel that if we knew what went into some of the things we eat, we might make different choices.

I never buy things like ground beef anymore. Meat is so filled with hormones and antibiotics that I can't feel good about it. I try to grow my own vegetables free from chemicals and though I sometimes have to battle insects and weather, I think this decision gives me a healthier lifestyle.

I am off my soapbox now, but if you want more info look at the following website and see what you think:

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  1. I love organic too - to me, fresh / organic really tastes better! Joanie