Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall is great for greens

I love the fall because I can grow the best greens of the year. The weather is just perfect for gardening and because we started in August, we are just now beginning to pick some of our fall produce.

The bok choy, above was grown from seed from our spring harvest. My mom just loves bok choy and we have already taken her some tender shoots.

We are loving the fact that we have collards in the ground and if we get more rain, I think we could have a very good crop of it by Thanksgiving.

We also will have plenty of turnip greens and kale, I am hoping. We picked some this weekend for making healthy smoothies and I am hoping to have turnip greens one night this week for dinner.

Our big surprise--the winter squash that is thriving! It looks so wonderful and I am seeing tons of blooms and little acorn squashes everywhere.

It looks beautiful. No bugs yet.

The only think we need to do now is pray for rain. That is a constant thing this year but it will be worth it, especially if we have greens and cool weather crops.

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  1. Good to hear your garden is doing well - fresh vegetables taste so good! I like your photos too, Joanie