Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Country Lights

This past weekend I attended a family reunion in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. It was just a hop, skip and jump over to Boone where the Dan'l Boone Inn and Restaurant is located. One night we went there for a nice country dinner.

We had a very nice family-style meal and the service was great. It should be since the motto is, "It's fun to be nice to people." They were very nice and it was fun.

I did see something I had not seen before. Look at the light fixtures. They were made from galvanized steel buckets. That, to me, was so creative.

It could also be a money saver. I don't think it would be perfect for any decor, but for a farm house kitchen, this is a great idea.

Also, if you are ever in Boone, these people will treat you right. They also do fried chicken right, too.

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