Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Halloween from Pinterest

It's time to look for interesting and different Halloween crafts to make for decorations or for giving. Pinterest ALWAYS has some of the best ideas. Here are a few.

Above from the best cake ever for Halloween. It has spiders, mummies and glowing owl eyes made from brightly colored fondant.

Speaking of spiders. These pipe cleaner/lollipop spiders are the best! This idea is from Becky Grantland.

Amanda Trahan posted these cute goblin pudding treats. Perfect use of a budding young artist's talents. There is even directions on the photo.

From made from pretzels and string cheese. Very creative.

Another great tutorial from plastic cups with little lights inside (not candles but lights with batteries please! I don't think these would withstand a real lighted flame!) They are very cute and easy. This one is from Julie Shawanesse.

I think this one from is my favorite! Best use of bathroom tissue--second only to wrapping mummies.

Best costume to Lisa Vecchio! I probably am more drawn to this one because of our beekeeping but it is so cute.

Now this one would does deserve a hand. A surgical glove used for a treat bag with a spider ring. Perfect. Thanks to Great idea!

Best cupcake idea are these adorable owls made from oreos. So cute! Great idea from Robin McDonald!

And I saved the creepiest one for last. These cake pops from are so cute. How can something be creepy and cute at the same time? Cake pop eyeballs that have forks sticking in them. It's Halloween folks!

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  1. Great post, Deberah! Such creative ideas and I love all the crafts for Halloween. Thanks so much for sharing, Joanie