Monday, October 28, 2013

Easy bundt cake pumpkins

I have seen these little pumpkins made from mini bundt cakes photographed on magazine covers for years. I always thought they were so cute and I didn't really know if they would be easy or hard.

Well, they are easy and didn't take very much time at all.

I found the mini bundt cake pan at a yard sale this summer and picked it up and asked how much. After a little dickering, I walked away with the pan, minus a dollar. It wasn't a great pan. I had to wash it many times and then oil and bake it in the oven more than once but finally. I was satisfied with it.

One good thing is that my work paid off. I used one of my regular recipes, but a mix would have worked fine. I did have to cut some of the excess off because I stated out filling the pans too full but after I began to fill the pans half-full, they were perfect and two bundt cakes makes one pumpkin. I "glued" the halves together, then heavily drizzled the "pumpkin" with a recipe for a drizzled icing colored with a bit of red and yellow food coloring. The "stems" are made with cinnamon.

I don't think this was my best recipe ever but they sure were cute and very festive, served during the half-time at a football game. Each one serves two. These were my easiest pumpkins ever.

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