Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Make these free rose silhouette note cards

It seems that roses are more popular than ever this year because everywhere I look, I see landscapes brimming with colorful roses. I think everyone loves roses and in my opinion they are the perfect summer flower.

I have enjoyed the displays of roses so much that I was inspired to share my rose silhouette note cards with you. Just print them on your home printer on card stock, cut in half with a paper cutter and fold in half. You can purchase invitation envelopes that will fit the cards perfectly. You can give them as gifts, thank you notes or invitations. I will only leave these up for the summer and they will not be available in the fall so I hope you enjoy your roses.

Download the pdf card here.


  1. Simply beautiful! I'd better get busy downloading ... and hoping for a new flower in the fall!

  2. Lovely ... seems the link to the card has expired, and needs to be fixed. The old link appears to be compromised. Would love to see it.