Thursday, June 11, 2009

Organic is easier than it used to be

When we decided to plant a garden and use only organic fertilizers and pesticides, we thought it would be very difficult. We'd tried it before, but we couldn't find many organic products on the market. We knew that the fertilizer would be the easy part because you can always find manure, but the pesticides would be a problem.

To our great surprise, we have found a number of reasonably-priced products on the market to help us in this endeavor. The Organicide, we found at Lowe's and we also bought some organic pest spray at Arnall's in downtown Newnan that worked well but it wasn't concentrated and wasn't quite as economical. Scott's Miracle Grow has organic potting soil and fertilizers and they are available everywhere.

I have found the organic pest control products I have purchased to be much better than the bug sprays I made using dish washing detergent, hot pepper sauce and oil. Many of those recipes I read about in books or found online but they sometimes burn the leaves on some of my plants, especially the cabbage and eggplant.

I have used The Real Poop which is a fertilizer made from chicken manure, and found it to be very easy to use because it is concentrated and doesn't smell like just plain manure. It even comes with a handy little "pooper scooper!"

I think it will be easier every year to go organic. Try it. It is not as hard as it used to be and you will be happy to know your vegetables are better for you!

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  1. The scoop on poop! The things we come across in Blogland!