Monday, June 22, 2009

Mixed reviews for catnip tea

In an earlier blog I said I would test catnip tea and let you know what I think.

I made the tea using fresh leaves and it started out to be quite promising. Even though catnip leaves have a very strong almost musty odor, when I poured hot water over the leaves, I thought the smell became more pleasant. It had a rich, slightly spearmint, yet still woodsy smell and I liked the smell of the leaves while steeping much better. I was very happy to see there was a change.

When I tasted the tea I thought it smelled and tasted more like chamomile tea, but stronger and mustier.

But in the end, the taste was just not really to my liking. I think I could drink catnip tea for medicinal purposes, but I wouldn't drink it for refreshment. It wasn't horrible but not really great either. I am not the greatest fan of chamomile tea either, but I do like it better than catnip (or catmint) tea. It is probably something I could get used to but I doubt it would ever be my first choice.

I think the next thing I will try with catnip will be insect repellent. I think I might prefer that to catnip tea.

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