Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All You Magazine

While I am recommending magazines, I thought I should include "All You." I found out about this magazine from Holly, my wonderful daughter-in-law, who is a legend in our family for saving money and coupon shopping. She tells me about the great deals she finds and saves me money every week.

This is a magazine that on the surface is not the most inspiring magazine I've ever seen, but it does have hundreds of tips about fashion, food, shopping, emotional issues and more. This issue has a great feature on new hairstyles and the recipes sound interesting.

But, the best thing about this magazine -- the coupons. Really, really good coupons for substantial savings that don't expire in a week. You can see on the cover that the coupon savings are $49.57, and I can see that. I like the coupons because they are for really useful products I use all the time. In fact, I just bought a 6-pack of Viva paper towels for under $4, thanks to a coupon I clipped from the latest issue.

The down side -- you really must read before you clip because as you cut out the coupons you cut out the helpful tips and recipes! It really does pay for itself in a very short period of time.

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  1. OK, if Holly recommends this then I *must* start buying it!