Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving craft results

I do realize that Thanksgiving is over, but I wanted to let you know how our crafts turned out. The cornucopias were really cute and lots of fun. I had the cones ready and we added melted chocolate and chopped almonds, then inserted the grapes. See previous post.

We had a camera-shy little girl and boy who liked them but didn't really have the time to pose for photos.

I had the turkey head and tail ready for pomegranate turkeys. The pattern was on the same website as the cornucopias. The kids just had to color their turkeys and we then assembled them. We also had paper and crayons at the table and the kids designed their own turkeys by outlining their hands and adding details. (Their idea, not mine -- wasn't that appropriate?) It was slightly hectic but much better than having them running around the table acting like wild Indians. (Also appropriate for Thanksgiving but not so easy on the nerves!)

I was glad we had the crafts for them and I plan to have crafts at Christmas family get togethers.