Monday, November 16, 2009

Turkey deals

Please forgive me for the rather bad photo, but it is definitely the year to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving. I just had to post this, just in case you missed the sales fliers this weekend.

I have not seen turkey prices this low in years. Last year the best price I found was 69 cents and this year you can buy turkeys for 37 cents per pound -- unbelievable. Now is the time to buy one for Thanksgiving, another for Christmas and another to give away. I have three turkeys in my freezer. Two of them were 40 cents a pound and the third I purchased at Whole Foods for $1.69 a pound and it was a free-range, antibiotic free turkey. The last time I checked on the price of those, the price was well over $2.00 a pound.

If you notice in the rather fuzzy photo above, a Butterball turkey is 77 cents a pound -- that's a 20 cent savings for each pound. Also notice that sweet potatoes are the same price as the turkey. I am fascinated by that.

Anyway, buy now and buy cheap. Worried about roasting your turkey? Buy one of those roasting bags and put it in and just don't overcook. A friend of mine was saying she always roasts her turkey at 250 degrees and cooks it overnight. Her turkey always falls off the bone and is very tasty. I think I am going to try that with one of my turkeys.

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