Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It really is time I made my menu for Thanksgiving. Even though I am making a menu, it doesn't mean I can't made adjustments. It also is good for assigning dishes for others to bring. You can just look at the list and assign something from the list.

Sometimes I get ideas from magazines, but I will admit, my family doesn't really like it when I change things too much or experiment with this meal. I would love to have all new recipes, but they would really hate that.

This year, I will also try to incorporate things from the garden. This is just a start. I haven't decided about appetizers yet.

Grilled Turkey
Grilled Ham
Cornbread Dressing and Oyster Dressing with gravy
Green beans
Sweet potato casserole
Butter beans
Creamed corn
Pear and walnut salad
Broccoli casserole
Deviled eggs
Cranberry sauce
Dilled pickles, Pickled hot peppers, Chow chow
Pumpkin yeast rolls
Tea and coffee
Carrot cake
Italian cream cake
Pumpkin pie
Mini cranberry tarts

This incorporates most of my family's favorites and all the traditional items.

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  1. Oyster Dressing? Sounds yummy! And that sounds like you are going to be feeding an army!