Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Slim pickings

Yesterday I went to the garden, and though I didn't have much to put in my basket, I still have quite a few things left for later. There are not too many peppers left but I did find a few. I found some Italian parsley, a few pods of okra and it is hard to see, but I have some chives in the basket. I am thinking some of these things would be good in a soup and some would be really great to freeze for my Thanksgiving meal.

I am being forced to think about my Thanksgiving menu this week because I've already had some people asking what I want them to bring for our big dinner on the 26th. My answer was, "I'll let you know," but that was my cue to get on the ball and plan my menu.

I really want to include some things from my garden. Vegetables I have frozen -- like green beans, some canned items -- like pickles, hot peppers and chow-chow, and I really want to include my collard greens, above, that are growing day by day and should be really nice on Thanksgiving. They are definitely going on my menu. More on the menu later.

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