Friday, July 2, 2010

Carrots & a July 4th wish

Root vegetables don't sound very exciting but we have found them very hard to grow in our garden. I think the real reason is because we haven't yet used tried and true methods -- we have just thrown the seeds in the ground and did the best we could until it was time to put them up.

I don't think this is the method we should be using. Last year we had only a very few anemic carrots. This year we had quite a few more. Many were even "carrot-like." Many of them were very tiny or misshapen. Even though they looked like this, they were they were so much better than last year.

I think preparing the soil is the key -- more like what we did with potatoes. Potatoes are easier to grow than carrots, in my opinion, but I haven't given up on carrots. I would just love to grow some that are shaped like the ones in the store without being knotty. I think we will get there. Meanwhile, we do have carrots -- not perfect ones but good enough for slaw. That is a good thing.

I would like to wish you a wonderful Fourth of July, and celebrate the freedom our forefathers fought and died for.


  1. I love visiting your site - there's always something interesting to learn, a great recipe to 'share' or some beautiful photos to appreciate. Happy Fourth of July to you! Thanks for sharing your ideas, Joanie

  2. ps: that cole slaw looks so delicious - and you know, it's hard to find 'good cole slaw,' in the store! Fresh, homemade slaw is just so much better! Thanks, Joanie