Thursday, July 1, 2010

Garden views

Even though the weather has been so hot and dry, as I go to my garden early in the morning, blossoms still greet me. I must admit I savor those moments. I really love it when the bees are buzzing from flower to flower and I really love this zinnia. This is a volunteer from last year.

This okra blossom is almost as beautiful as the hibiscus flower to which it is related. I really like having the okra after the blossom fades.

This could be a photo of Queen Anne's lace but it is of its cousin, the carrot.

I love the spaghetti squash hanging from a trellis. I also love the little bloom beside it.

These Black-eyed Susans are also volunteers.

I really love this squash bloom because our squash plants have been under attack. They are naturally hardy and still trying to produce fruit.

I think this is a bee inside another squash bloom. I hope so.

Aren't the blossoms beautiful?

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  1. Lovely photos! I had no idea that the okra plant had such a pretty flower. I love all your photos, they are beautiful! Joanie