Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Garden shapshots

Today -- just a few garden views. My husband says I just like to grow vegetables so I can look at them and he wants to pick them while they are still good enough to eat. I don't think he is entirely correct but I do like to look at the vegetables and I prefer not to pick them too soon.

This cabbage is almost too pretty to pick, in my opinion. It really looks perfect right now.

I love, love, love the way the cucumbers run on the fence and almost meet in the center. Very pretty. I would love for the vines to look like this all summer. I also like to pick the cucumbers.

The green beans look pretty from this angle, but they are not really doing so well. This heat is very bad for them. They have almost stopped blooming. I do like the way they look, though.

I love the clusters of tomatoes. I usually pick them before they turn red, like these. I think when you let tomatoes go too long they draw the attention of birds and small animals. If that happens you loose some nice large ripe tomatoes. That is sad.

Clusters of green tomatoes can be pretty, too.

I like the Romas. They really are good for canning. They also get pretty large at times.

I have two rows of peppers that look pretty good and one that is not doing well. It is hard to tell, but this is one of the good rows.

The squash is still not producing as well has they did but they look better than right after we did surgery on them to remove the vine borers.

 The big news is that we have planted some more squash: Yellow, zucchini, some gray squash and some scalloped squash. Maybe we will fare a little better with the new plants.

I hope you enjoyed my snapshots.

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  1. More beautiful photos - your garden 'looks gorgeous!' So full and lush, your gardening photos, stories and recipes are an inspiration to us. Hopefully, someday we will get a garden started, in our yard. In the meantime, thank you for sharing, Joanie