Thursday, July 22, 2010

Saving seeds for later

The other day we were clearing plants from the garden that had flowered and were going to seed. My sister asked us to put aside some of the stems because she was going to dry them. She felt they would dry well outside in the heat and she would then pick the dried seed from them to save for next year.

As you can see in the photo, above, she tied them in bunches, hanging them upside down. The next time we came over, she had quite a few fully dried plants, with seeds heads ready to remove and store.

My sister does this all the time and I think this is such a good thing to do -- so frugal and wise. I often miss opportunities like this.

Sometimes people will offer to give me a plant or tell me I can come over and get a cutting and I always plan to do it, but I don't usually make the time. That means I miss out on having some really great plants. I am hoping I take a helpful tip from my sister and change my behavior in this area.

I really need to save some seeds from my heirloom tomatoes and from my herbs, too. I will add them to my sister's seeds she has all ready for next season's plantings.

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  1. Very neat post - I love the look of these flowers. Have a great day, Joanie