Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rain gives us a break from gardening

Today was clear and sunny after two days of rain. It is really too wet to do much in the garden. I also have had visiting family, family in the hospital and deadlines at work. That makes it a good time to concentrate on other things rather than the garden, since things are so hectic.

One of the things we will be doing as soon as it is drier, is plant a few more tomatoes and peppers. A little over a week ago, I wouldn't have given these plants a chance for survival, but my sister, who has a serious green thumb, nursed them back to health and they will hopefully give us tomatoes and peppers until frost.

These are some of the plants we grew from seed in the spring. I did make a huge mistake by getting them mixed up, so I don't know exactly what varieties they are. They could be yellow tomatoes or black cherry tomatoes or Brandywine tomatoes and the peppers could be jalapenos or sweet bananas. I know I won't make the mistake of mixing up my seeds next year. It has been way too confusing.

The great thing about the rain is that the lake is filled up again, and we have plenty of water for the remaining hot summer days. I also think it is nice to take a break after the hot dry spell we have recently experienced.

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