Monday, September 20, 2010

The Halloween edition from Family Fun

My grandchildren love crafts. Every time I see them they ask to make something and I love to oblige them. That is why I look for magazines like the special Halloween edition by Family Fun. Special edition publications like this one have become a bit pricey and that is why I have to make sure I can get plenty of use from each purchase. This one is $9.99 and even though it is expensive, I think it is the best one I have seen.

The last one I really loved was the Martha Stewart Halloween special edition from two years ago and there is a 2010 addition, too but when I looked at it in the store, I saw so many repeats from past publications that the choice was clear. The Family Fun edition was the one I chose.

This past weekend, my five year old grandson spent some time looking the magazine over and over and finally checked all the crafts he wanted to complete before Halloween. I can tell you we will not be able to complete the marked projects unless we spend all our waking hours between now and then in production.

It would be hard to list all of the things he likes. His favorite is a bat made from a pumpkin. He also liked the pumpkin made into a mummy, spider cupcakes, tye-died T-shirts, candy corn cheese toast, eyeballs made from pudding, fingers made from cheese, banana ghosts and there are dozens of other crafts, recipes and even entire costumes to choose from.

I was concerned that a few of the things we could make were a little scary, but he assured me these things weren't real. What is real is the fun we will be having from this special edition.

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  1. What a small world, I was looking at this magazine over the weekend! It is a really creative issue - I love Halloween. I was in the bookstore Sunday afternoon and had a chance to take a break, I gathered up several 'Halloween issues' and that was my favorite one too. Hope you & your grand children have fun, making Halloween memories.