Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend fall crafting

This weekend I spend some time with an eager 5-year-old crafter. He has been ready to make this bat jack-o-lantern from the Family Fun Halloween magazine since he saw the magazine, over a week ago. We used black paint and construction paper for the bat wings, ears and eyes, then attached the bat appendages with hot glue. It was very easy and made one boy very happy.

Hot glue is not something that a child should handle. There are other glue products that would be appropriate for a small child but hot glue is something that needs adult supervision. It is too easy to get burned on a hot glue gun.

The pumpkin was purchased at WalMart for seventy-eight cents and the construction paper we already had. The paint was around two dollars so this craft was really cheap. (The remaining paint we can use on other crafts or Halloween projects.) These were recommended for small decorative pumpkins but we chose to make larger ones.

We did buy some small decorative pumpkins -- again at WalMart, and they became fall creatures. We picked up a few leaves and sticks, pine cones could work, too and within five minutes we had a family of gourds, ready to decorate for fall. Hot glue was used here, too but other glues would work as well.

The artwork was courtesy of Eli, who loves to draw faces on friendly vegetables.

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  1. That bat is too cute and so is the artist! I just love this time of year and it's great to see such clever crafts - the pumpkins are neat too. Have a wonderful fall and thank you for sharing such fun memories with your readers,