Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just duck tape it for a creative Halloween

Yesterday I stopped by Michael's to buy some construction paper and paint. As I walked past the Halloween displays, I noticed stacks of duct tape of all colors and some with patterns. I am a firm believer in using duct tape because I think it can fix almost anything. It is one of the best products around but I never expected to see this display in the craft store.

As I was standing there, looking at the costumes someone had made with tape, a teenaged girl walked almost past, let out a gasp and picked up a roll of zebra print duck brand tape. I was intrigued. While I was standing there a mom with a couple of pre teen kids stopped by and picked out tape to make their Halloween costumes.


 I searched online for duct tape costumes and found a number of wonderful costumes that could be made from duct tape, specifically Duck Brand Tape. It was quite fascinating.

 I also found that this company has some great contests. You can have fun decorating a pumpkin and then win $1,000.

 You can also make some great decorations.

And the colors and patterns are really remarkable. So much could be done with a zebra or leopard print and there are plenty of colors to choose from.

There were other websites that gave great ideas, too.

There was even a book of costume ideas that can be purchased from Amazon. There was a video, too but it was a bit disturbing. The book looks cute, though.

But not as cute as the website. There were so many creative ideas to use the tape. The rolls of tape are a bit high -- $3.99 each but I don't know how far a roll of tape goes. I guess the price depends on that.

Ducktivites! How creative.

They also sponsor a Prom contest. What a great idea! I saw some prom outfits made from duct tape featured on a morning news program during the spring and I was in awe of their creativity.

So I am right, a little duct tape or even duck tape can fix anything and apparently make clothes, bags, wallets and just about anything, if you use your imagination.

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  1. This looks like so much fun! Can't wait to go by & see the display. I love Halloween,