Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More about floating row cover

A number of days ago, I wrote about floating row cover but I didn't have a good photo of how it looks in the garden. I now have a photo of the cover and if you look closely, you can see the new squash plants coming up underneath. Actually, the squash coming up under the row cover is looking better than the late cucumber plants we didn't cover.

Underneath, the plants look healthy and seem to be getting plenty of sun and water. I know this is an experiment but so far I am pleased. I did notice that the grass and weeds are growing up under the cover. This is not a weed proof cover. It might even help with extreme heat or frost but if the plants do well, so will the weeds.  The goal is to keep harmful bugs out. It is growing nicely. I was concerned the plants wouldn't grow tall but they look great to me.

I have been looking for a supplier that carries this product in large rolls and I think I have found an online greenhouse supply company that carries rolls for a good price. The web address is I just need to decide how much I will need if the experiment is successful. I also want to know how much the shipping will be. Sometimes I find great products and prices online, only to find that the shipping is more costly than the product. I also want to check with a local greenhouse to see if they would order the product for me. If they had it shipped with their regular products, the shipping costs might be reduced.

I am very encouraged. I don't think it makes the garden beautiful, but I don't care if it helps keep out the pests.

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  1. Very interesting product, hope it helps your garden. Joanie