Friday, September 10, 2010

Vegetable Gardener's Bible

The other day I ordered a book for myself from Amazon. I have been looking for a book that was similar to "Joy of Gardening," -- but for organic gardeners. I am hoping I have found it in this book.

It begins by giving a general guide for gardening. All of the tips and advice are from an organic gardener's perspective. At first I thought it might not be such a great buy because the author is from a northern part of the U.S. and we have a very different growing season in the south, but upon further reading I saw that even though some of his advice is geared toward colder climates, he does also include southern regions.

I think some of the information and sections are similar to other gardening books but the profile of individual vegetables make this book a worthwhile buy. I especially liked the quick facts listed after each vegetable and the individual recommendations for care and fertilizing. I think the more I read it, the more useful information I will discover.

Some of the techniques I liked were, wide row gardening, raised bed gardening and his tip to help keep weeds out of rows by putting down newspaper topped with straw. I will be trying that very soon.

Overall. Thumbs up.


  1. Sounds like a good book to get. The technique of using newspaper and straw in a garden seems to work well - they used this in the gardens at my son's elementary school. Thank you for sharing and have a nice weekend, Joanie

  2. Ah yes, we certainly have access to newspaper! Must try that!