Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A favorite newsletter

Every week I receive an email newsletter from allpeoplequilt.com. It is one of my favorites even though I never quilt. I will admit that I was a bit troubled by the title and feel a little unworthy to receive this newsletter because I just don't quilt. I wish that I quilted but I just have never had the time to learn. I have worked on some quilting publications and even drawn some quilts, but I have never successfully quilted.

I did make a "machine quilt" one time. I had some extra scrap fabric pieces and cut them into equal squares and made a kind of a quilt for my husband. I also made a matching pillow for him. The problem was that it just fell apart in the wash and honestly, I was more than a little ashamed of my handiwork. It was sloppy and poorly done. My husband did like it, though. He thought it was sweet that I made him a quilt.

I think in light of these facts, it is odd that I like this newsletter so much. I think when I read the title, instead of feeling excluded, I add extra words to make myself a fit for this craft. To me it says "all people love quilts." I do love quilts. It also says "all people can quilt," which gives me hope for the future.

I know that since I do love quilts and have the possibility of quilting in the future, I can enjoy this newsletter because if I ever do learn to quilt, this is a website I will use often. It has free patterns and low-cost quilting lessons. You can find quilting materials and there are even patterns I could use as a non-quilter. So, this is for "all" of you quilters out there. Enjoy.


  1. I get this magazine so I really should subscribe to this newsletter. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Love your post today, Deberah! I am a big fan of quilts - all quilts - but alas, I am not a quilter, just a fan!

    One of my husband's aunts, a great quilter, lives in Minnesota. When our son Nick was born, she did a hand-made quilt for him:
    'Silouette of a Boy's Favorite Things.'
    It is a tactile quilt, with each square featuring a silouette of a boy:
    one holding a fishing pole, a boy catching a frog - too cute! The elements are
    3-dimensional and he loved playing with it, we just didn't use it as a quilt.
    It is a treasure to this day!

    I will visit that website, thank you for sharing. Have a great week, Joanie

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