Thursday, January 6, 2011

Playing in the leaves

This week we had our gutters cleaned. It was probably was a bit late (better late than never), but it was nice to finally have it done.

We usually have someone who calls twice each year and asks to clean our gutters, and since our roof has some very high and dangerous places we have decided that is one thing that is better if we hire it done. We usually have a number to call, but this time a couple came by and promised to do a good job. My husband said they looked like they could use the work and thankfully they did do a good job, taking the time to clean afterward.

The photo above is of our grandson who recently enjoyed playing in the leaves. I am very entertained by this photo and I hope you will be, too. There is nothing like playing in a big pile of leaves. Expensive toys are nice but jumping in a huge pile of leaves is the ultimate in fun for a little kid.


  1. I love this photo - it just looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing, Joanie