Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My new favorite multi-purpose cleaner

There is always something new to try. Most of the time I find myself rather disappointed when I pay (what I consider) too much for a so-called green cleaner. They usually don't clean any better than mild soap or vinegar mixtures but the very first time I used this cleaner I was impressed.

It is a disinfecting multi-cleaner from Seventh Generation that uses thyme oil to kill 99 percent of household germs. It also really cleans, too.

I have used it in the bathroom and kitchen with success and it is the first product I am sure I will buy again, though it is rather expensive.

It also leaves a clean fragrance behind, but it's not an overpowering smell and because of the botanical base, it is mild and fresh.

I bought it at first because I had a coupon. I probably would never have tried it without one. I am glad I did. It is one product I highly recommend.


  1. Is it good at cleaning soap scum? And if so, where did you find it? Thanks!

  2. This sounds like something to try -
    thanks for the review, Joanie