Friday, January 7, 2011

Resolutions for 2011

Here's my new list followed by last year's list and what I accomplished. I did OK, not great and I realize some of them were just things I wanted to do. I pared down the list a bit and here it is. This list is officially not on my to-do list. One thing done already!

 MY 2011 LIST

1. Become more organized and keep clutter at a minimum.
2. Do a thorough spring and fall cleaning.
3. Lose at least ten pounds. Keep to my low carb eating regimen.
4. Read more. Goal -- 10 books.
5. Blog 5 days a week. As often as possible compile blog information on weekends.
6. Start painting again. Set up my art studio.
7. Develop healthy recipes -- as many as possible.
8. Exercise at least 3 days a week, treadmill and yoga
9. Develop 3 personal goals for self-improvement.
10. Finish Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving.
11. Make 3 improvements at work
12. Improve gardening skills. Try to become a Master Gardener.
13. Buy a beehive and bees/beekeeping supplies
14. Participate more at church -- attend Wednesday services consistently.


1. Become more organized. (I tried but wasn't too successful. This stays on
my list.)
2. Clean my basement. (This we did. I need to keep it clean.)
3. Complete a spring cleaning and fall cleaning of my home. Includes window-washing. ( I am embarrassed to say I didn't fully succeed on this one. This stays.)
4. De-clutter my home. (It has taken all year but I am close!)
5. Have a yard sale when the weather gets better. I have never before had a yard sale. Use the money for a special purpose. (I did this. I had more than one with my sis and my daughter. It would be nice to have another this year but I don't plan to make this a goal but I would like to have one a year.)
6. Lose 20 pounds. I lost 20 this past year and I need to finish the job. (I didn't fully lose another twenty but around ten. Hooray. Ten is this year's goal.)
7. Read at least 10 new books. (Hm_mm. I read more but not ten.)
8. Blog 5 days a week. Don't miss a week day. (This was a little unrealistic but I still want this to be my goal.)
9. Set up an art studio. (I had gotten a start on this last year, but I didn't finish. I didn't do anything about this goal but buy supplies.)
10. Paint at least 5 new paintings. (I really failed here.)
11. Develop 20 new healthy recipes that also taste good. I did develop a few. (Sometimes my made up recipes failed the taste test.)
12. Write in my journal every day. (I did write in my journal but not as diligently as I wanted.)
13. Exercise at least 3 days a week. Treadmill and yoga. ( Better luck next year.)
14. Design greeting cards for each holiday and personal note cards.thing but buy some (I didn't succeed but I did a few cards.)
15. Have Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. (I did better this year but I need to work on this goal.)
16. Make a project to give away at Christmas. (I did do some projects but not this specifically. I am taking this one off the list.)
17. Develop a personal list -- 10 personal goals that help me to become a better person. (No comment.)
18. Become a better designer at work. Develop goals and make sure they are met. (I think I did a pretty good job. I always need to try to do a better job.)
19. Learn a new skill or craft. (I am not going to leave this one on the list. I did quite a few crafts so  will say this one is completed. I realize I don't really need this on the list to do crafts and projects.)
20. Refinish two pieces of furniture that I already have and need to complete. (I refinished one, not two. I was very proud of myself.)
21. Improve my gardening skills. (Includes planting a garden for all seasons. I really was proud of myself for how much I accomplished in the garden. I just need to continue learning.)

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  1. Wow, Deberah, I am really impressed with this post! One thing I've heard about reaching success is just this, writing it down, sharing your goals, measuring results - and they will come true!

    It's a good time of year to make goals, I too am working on de-cluttering. (Trouble is, I have a hard time parting with 'my treasures.'
    My husband said I should open an antiques store and 'share the wealth!' Maybe some day I will.

    Good luck with your goals and thanks for sharing them with your readers - you have such an inspiring blog: I have come to really enjoy it and I love telling others about it.
    Here's to a wonderful new year,