Friday, April 8, 2011

Vegan cookbook with a twist

Yes, I have a new vegan cookbook. There are two things I just can't get enough of -- cookbooks and dishes. Shoes are a close third, of course.

I am very impressed with "Vegan on the Cheap" and I am very impressed with Robin Robertson's cookbooks overall. I thought when I ordered it, that it would be the same recipes as in her other cookbooks, but in each book you find great new material.

The subtitle, "Great Recipes and Simple Strageties that Save You Time and Money" really does describe what "Vegan on the Cheap" is all about.

I think I have mentioned before that I like vegan recipes rather than vegetarian recipes because I don't want to use cow's milk in recipes and vegetarian recipes almost always include cheese and often eggs and are often as loaded with as much fat as the non-vegetarian variety. Vegan recipes usually are much lower in fat, or at least saturated fat.

This new coobook does have recipes for no-milk "cheeze" sauce and no-milk sour cream and quite a few of the expensive ready-made products you get in the grocery store health-food section, (like homemade veggie sausage, bean burgers, tempeh, seitan and more) but Robertson explains how you can make them at home for a considerable savings.

Her strategies help you save money while eating vegan and she tells you how to skimp on some vegan food items and explains why there should be no skimping allowed on others. She has "cheapskate" ideas and some alternative recipes that can take the place of regular foods, like "cheapamole" instead of guacamole -- a recipe where peas are used instead of avocado. Since I am not a fan of peas, this might not work for me, but then it might get me to eat my peas and save me some serious money, if I try it -- so I think I will!

There are menus and cheap meal alternatives, healthy things and fast recipes. I am sure I will benefit from this book. I am very happy with it and feel it was a very good buy from Amazon, listed at from $5 to $12, plus a little change.

I just love cookbooks!

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  1. This looks like a great cookbook! I'm always impressed with healthy recipes that also taste good. When I buy organic items at the grocery store, I always feel like 'I'm paying more to eat healthy...' so I'm interested in the 'cheaper alternatives.' Peas for Guacamole?

    I love cookbooks too and when I was traveling, I'd buy regional cookbooks. Looking at them now, they bring back such fond memories.

    Thanks for sharing & hope you have a great weekend, Joanie