Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An unexpected souvenir

A few weeks ago I went to Florida on a family trip and found a cookbook that I just can't wait to use. I usually find restaurant cookbooks uninspiring and find it easy to pass them by, but when we went to this famous restaurant on the gulf and waited for the restaurant to open, I thumbed through this cookbook and later dropped by the gift shop and purchased it for myself.

It includes so many good seafood recipes and they sound like something I could make at home. I appreciated the time and effort someone at this establishment took to include some favorite dishes served at their restaurant.

Some of the recipes sound good. I don't know if I will ever make their recipe, "Hush puppies for 100." I am glad they gave another recipe for a smaller crowd. It did show how interesting working in a restaurant must be. I can't imagine having to make anything for 100 people. I salute the people who can do this and make the food still taste good.

My favorite part of the book is the section on desserts. Though I have been to this coastal restaurant a number of times, I have always been way too full to try any of their pies and cakes--which always look quite delicious. (At this restaurant they don't ask if you would like dessert, they just bring around a big cart piled high with all kinds of wonderful-looking treats.) The one I want to make first is, of course, is a key lime pie. Yum!

I am just glad I bought this cookbook ($18.00) as my beach souvenir. I think it will be perfect for me because it is not made of shells and I can use it over and over.

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  1. That cookbook looks really neat! What a great idea for a souvenir, Joanie