Thursday, July 26, 2012

My front yard straw bale garden update

In my front yard, embedded in the sea of ivy is my mini straw bale garden. I planted some of my squash there in the hopes that I would stretch my harvest throughout the summer. My goal was to see if squash vine borers could find these plants.

The results have been good. I have just recently had bugs and had to spray with Neem oil. I am not having a huge harvest but I think that is owing mainly to the extremely hot weather and drought conditions and the fact that this area does not get full sun all day.

My fruit is coming on but is pithy at times and though I have been watering, I must not have been watering deeply enough.

I have had some worms, but not the vine borers that have destroyed my regular squash crop.

I think this is a wonderful concept and when my squash are finished for the season--and I hope that is not soon--I intend to plant some lettuce there. I want to go out to my front yard and pick my salad for my supper meal. I love the garden to table concept and I believe lettuce would be a perfect late season straw bale vegetable.

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  1. What a great idea, Deberah! I too love the concept of gathering fresh vegetables from the yard. This makes it possible, Joanie