Monday, July 30, 2012

How to celebrate team USA

If you're like me and you couldn't afford the time or couldn't come up with the money to go to London for the Olympics this year, you will have to be content to stay home and watch the events on TV.

That doesn't mean you can't have an Olympic-sized celebration at home. Here are some ideas to get you through this week and the next when your TV programs will most likely be pre-empted and you are wishing you had some appropriate treats to enjoy while watching gymnastics, basketball or sycronized swimming--while cheering for our home team.

I love the idea above from Taste of Home--a simple white cake with M&M Olympic rings. A great way to celebrate.

These muffins above are from I think I would love these treats with a cup of Earl Grey!

 Don't forget to fly your flag or just carry it around with you. I love the bag from What a wonderful way to show your team spirit! I already have a flag bag but not one as cute as this.

Another "cake" idea. These cupcakes from are perfect. I wish I had thought of baking these during the gymnastic events last night. They would have helped with my nerves during the floor exercise!

These big cookies on a tray decorated with fruit are quite an Olympic-sized treat. Find them at

An Olympic torch idea was used for a birthday party at It is ice cream cones with chocolate cake mix baked inside, topped with orange, flame-colored frosting. Serving these would be a great reason to throw a party!

Have you seen all the ads for tea towels? Well, I think this would make a great DIY tea towel for a decorating competition. It looks so easy! Everyone would get a perfect 10 for this one. Find it at

How can you get your kids involved? Try this "kid-sized" balance beam to get them started. I found this at They will understand a little better how hard it is to stay on that narrow beam.

After you get back in, make these Olympic cookies. All it takes is a pack of sugar cookies with holes and five tubes of icing in Olympic colors. You can see these at

They can then make a carricature of their favorite Olympian like these at I think it would be a wonderful craft if made with construction paper.

If you would like to buy Olympic tea bags, you can get them at I don't know if you could get them before the games end though. These five adorable tea bags will set you back about $14.13, not including shipping. That's about 9 British pounds! Just ask someone who was fortunate enough to go to London to bring you back a set.

I think I will be in sync with the Brits tonight since I will be drinking tea when I watch the most recent events on TV--but I know I will be cheering for team USA.

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  1. What great ideas - thanks so much for sharing!