Monday, July 2, 2012

Green Market Baking Book

I have another new cookbook. I will tell you that a person who loves cooking and recipes, as I do can not have too many cookbooks. This cookbook however is one that is a little different from any than I own because it looks first at the benefits of locally grown foods and it also looks at the benefits of using natural sweetners rather than refined sugars--something I have long been interesting in exploring.

It is written by native Georgian, Laura C. Martin who has penned at least 24 books on gardens, crafts, recycling and even one book on tea. She also has been a columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and has conducted workshops on various subjects, including gardening and baking. She presently devotes much of her time to a charity that teaches Haitaiian women to become self-sufficient by recycling donated ties and other items into such decorative and useful items such as purses, dolls, angels. The website is and the story there is fascinating.

Though I am beginning to be tired of the "green" handle people place on products products and services, just to sell them, I am totally committed to raising organic vegetables and trying to live a safer, more chemical-free life. I appreciate all the hints and tips she gives in this book.

What I really love about this book is the fact that it opens a whole new avenue of thought for me. I already love the idea of "buying local," I just hadn't thought there were so many ways to add wholesome flavor and goodness to sweet products that just might not raise my blood sugar quite as much as corn syrup or refined sugars. It is at least opening my eyes to the possibilities.

I like that the recipes are from multiple contributors and that most of the recipes are simple, without too many ingredients. I like the recipe listing by themes, like Things Kids Like, Wheat-Free Dishes and Fancy Desserts. I also love the pretty design, clean look and the notes and tips that are highlighted so I don't miss them. Last but not least, I really love the little green ribbon that helps me keep my place in the book. I know I will use this book as a reference and I am happy to add it to my collection of recipe books.

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  1. The cookbook looks great! So many options for eating healthy and delicious. Thanks for the review, Joanie