Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sweet cherry tomatoes

Sweet cherry tomatoes cover our plants.
I never thought I would say this but I love sweet cherry tomatoes. We have two plants my sister planted and they are simply covered with little round sweet and delicious cherry tomatoes. We have been keeping bowlfuls of these tomatoes to snack on and lately I have dried a few of them.

Our sweet cherry tomatoes are not as green as they were because of the drought.
I was never too fond of cherry tomatoes. I don't usually even buy them in the store because even though they look pretty, they are not as tasty as other tomatoes. These tomatoes have really changed my mind about this. I don't know if I will buy them in the grocery store but I do want to raise them in our garden every year from now on.

I will admit to eating them fresh from the vine. Since we use no chemicals I feel pretty safe in doing this. I may be wrong but it is a nice reward to give yourself for picking these sweet gems.

It's better to allow some space between the tomatoes. They don't seem to dry at the same rate of speed. I don't know why.

I put some in my food dehydrator and I will be able to save them for either snacking or for recipes later on. Some of them I sliced in half and some I dried whole.

I cut these cherry tomatoes in half but it really was too much trouble.

The ones I sliced certainly did dry more quickly but it really takes too much time to dry them in halves when I can just pour the washed tomatoes in the trays and then pick the fully dried ones to plop in a baggie for later.

I will probably freeze these tomatoes until I use them but they are fully deydrated.

It's amazing this quart baggie that is now half full of dried sweet cherry tomatoes once filled three trays of my dehydrator. They will be good in salads, sauces and even eaten as is because they are almost as sweet as raisins and also tangy. By dehydrating, I am sure that none of my tomatoes have gone to waste and I love that.

I am hoping that after last night's rain, these sweet cherry tomatoes will produce even more. I will be planting this variety next year, too.

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  1. Love your post today - the photos alone are making me hungry for a tomato! That's a neat idea to use a dehydrator, very cool. Joanie