Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I think it's finally spring

Spring has its own personality. We expect it to show up one way (the way it usually does) and then when it is warmer than usual, (like last year) or cooler than usual (like this year) we almost seem perplexed and there is clearly a struggle to make spring into something we want it to be.

I keep hearing, "Why is it so cold? I was expecting it to be spring!"

Last year's comments were "It's so hot! I wasn't expecting summer so soon."

I usually know when it's spring at my house when the irises and hosta make their glorious return!

I had to coax the iris at top to open up for a photo. I was beginning to think the hosta, above wasn't coming back but it was just later than I expected.

If you haven't planted anything else, I think the time is right. These plants have the confidence that spring has arrived and I think we should, as well.

Happy Spring! Finally!!

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