Thursday, April 11, 2013

Walter Reeves: An entertaining event

Tuesday night was a good night for garden enthusiasts in Coweta county because the special guest at the monthly Backyard Association meeting was Walter Reeves. Reeves, a popular author and TV garden expert, has been a radio show host for a lawn and garden show on Atlanta's WSB radio for 19 years. Reeves also pens a weekly column for the Atlanta Journal Constitution and sends out a bi-weekly newsletter that for me, is highly anticipated.

That is why I really had to be there, and I am glad I was because his presentation on Cool Tools and Funky Fertilizers was very entertaining. Reeves stood behind a table filled with gardening tools and products sent to him by companies who wanted to get a positive product review. If you want to get Reeve's reviews just go this his website and type funky in the search tool and you can see many of the tools and things he brought for show and tell.

Most of them he said nice things about and in his amusing, playful and occasionally facetious way.

Some of the tools he showed us were the cobra head weeder, above.

A scarecrow waterer to scare away unwanted pests with water. (He also suggested keeping away unwanted neighbors, or entertaining children in the summer.)

This is a battery-operated "Scare spider" to scare away pests (can also be used at Halloween).

A most entertaining tool, the Bug-A-Salt that shoots lethal salt pellets at bugs.

A tools to help pollinate tomatoes (it was suggested you use this, or your spouse's toothbrush).

And another cool tool was this bug zapper/swatter that gives unwanted mosquitos, and other flying pets a double whammy.

He had a number of other tools. Some were really cool and some had great names like the Coneivore pine cone picker upper. It is amazing to see what is on the market for use in the garden and fun to hear a witty expert gardener's take on them.

Reeves later answered questions (his favorite thing to do) and I found myself going home with some cool information and an entertaining experience. It was nice to hear someone speak who can be funny without being negative and someone who could be witty without being offensive. It's hard to find these days.

I recommend signing up for his newsletter at You will receive tons of information, mixed with a little humor and if you have a chance to hear him speak, I would recommend that, too.

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  1. These are great ideas - I especially like the Bug-a-salt! Thanks so much for sharing, Joanie