Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lettuce transplants

Now that spring is here (I think) we have been slowly working on getting the garden planted. Here is a little tip we discovered several weeks ago when we planted our cool weather seeds.

One thing we really had to scratch our heads over were the volunteer lettuce plants that were just coming up all over the garden. We usually let our lettuce go to seed because the flowers it produces brings pollinators into our garden. The unintended consequence of this is that we have little lettuce plants coming up all over.

Now when my husband revs up the tiller, everything in his path is gone and my sis and I decided not to let that happen with our "bonus" lettuce plants. We took a shovel and the wheel barrow and moved all of the plants to the new lettuce row. We now have lettuce plants already growing where our lettuce seed was planted and we will have lettuce now from these transplants and lettuce later from the seeds.

I don't think it should take a genius to figure that out but we do want to pat ourselves on the back whenever we see the nice bed of lettuce growing nicely in the new area.

We have some pea pods that are growing but the rows are spotty, a fine-looking row of leeks and our onions and garlic are all doing quite well. Our lettuce got a tremendous boost from the transplants and we have already been able to have some fine salads from our volunteers. I love it!

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