Monday, April 1, 2013

Why didn't I think of that?

I have been working each morning and evening on growing plants from seeds in my basement and while it is almost time to plant my newly grown plants, it is also time to share.

I love that I am able to grow plants than I can use and I also love that I have friends who last year gave me tomatoes (or tomato plants). I can now repay them with seeds taken from these gifted plants and vegetables.

Last year I grew some Chianti Rose tomatoes from seeds from Renee's Garden, a seed company located in California. The tomato plants were beautiful and bountiful with clusters of huge red tomatoes on large vines--my picture of what the perfect tomato looks like!

I planted them in my garden and also gave a few plants away--a few wound up in my friend Charlotte's garden. At the end of the growing season, I realized I hadn't saved any of these beautiful heirloom tomato seeds and Charlotte brought me over a couple of tomatoes and I saved seeds from her tomatoes. The five plants above are some I grew from my "Charlotte" tomatoes.

I received some more of my (now favorite) Chianti Rose seeds from Renee's Garden and grew them from seeds, too.

When I gave Charlotte her 2013 tomato plants, I included four types of tomato plants, Chianti Rose plants from Renee's Garden, the Charlotte seeds, some Dr. Wyche yellow tomatoes and a couple of Green Zebra plants from seeds saved from my friend Angela's plants. (Gets confusing, doesn't it?)

I labeled the little newspaper pots I made: R=Renee's Garden, C=Charlotte's tomatoes, Y=Dr. Wyche, and Z=Green Zebras.

Later when Charlotte send me photos of her newly gifted and freshly potted tomatoes, I noticed she used my "code" with a magic marker on a small rock placed in each pot.

All I could think was, "Charlotte, you are a genius!" What a simple way to keep up with what is in each pot. I will forever be using this from now on. I can use the little rocks in my pots or next to my plants in the garden. It's a side benefit from sharing. You learn perfect, yet simple ways to do things.

Thanks Charlotte. I owe you an idea now!

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