Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This past weekend

I am still tired from the weekend! My husband and I feel like we competed in a triathlon while at my daughter's house. They were all mostly sick at her house and we helped to clean and take care of kids. We cooked and remarkably, we planted a small container garden in just a couple of hours--which included a trip to Home Depot! I thought that was the most amazing thing we did.

The garden boxes we (actually, my husband) built were 4 foot squares made from landscape timbers and stakes. A very nice guy at Home Depot cut 8 landscape timbers in half. The cost per timber was $3.47 and the stakes were about $5 for two packs of 12. Two beds from $30 plus change.

My daughter thought we should use large nails, and I guess that would have been good, but even though the stakes might not be as visually attractive, the beds can be easily moved which might be necessary. The site was an area of her yard that gets full sun and was in need of a bit of grass--a good area to "dress up." The beds will be more visually attractive when the vegetable plants and herbs are bigger--and when they are mulched, something we did not have time to do.

My husband just laid down the timbers, secured them with stakes and we filled the beds with organic potting soil and then plants. We watered them and we were finished. I know these things can be done with a little more finesse, but with the amount of time we had, I think these are great!!

Before I left, I took some hurried photos. I had to share this one. It is one of the most incredibly awful photos I have ever taken. It was supposed to be of the small pear on the tree we planted a few weeks ago. However, it looks like it was an artsy photo of one of the beds. I wish that were true but the sun was so bright, I couldn't see what I was doing in the viewfinder of my iPhone. Sometimes things just work out.

Meanwhile, back at home, I am still working on growing plants from seeds.

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