Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Healthy back to school lunches

It's hard to believe that is time for school already and after all the school shopping and buying of supplies (which incidentally are on sale right now) it's also time to start thinking about school lunches. For most kids that is easy but for kids with allergies it can be a real challenge.

A website and blog that may be helpful to kids with this problem is and This is a website with some great ideas.

Instead of complaining about allergies and bemoaning the fact that an allergic kid must eat differently, she has come up wit ideas that make eating differently very cool.

She has taken the plastic lunch container and filled it full of good ideas and nutritious meals. It is hard to believe the variety of colors and shapes she has packed into these little containers.

I believe she also shares ideas to get kids involved with the preparation and planning of these meals, too.

So instead of wishing things could be different, check out these ideas. You might just find you can even get your kid excited about eating his or her vegetables--an intriguing idea isn't it?

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  1. Thank you! I have bookmarked the website and blog, as my one-year-old granddaughter has several food allergies. Great information.