Thursday, August 22, 2013

My new grow light

It was against my better judgement but I had to make a Walmart run this afternoon. I knew it would be crowded and I was looking for four or five items all located in opposite sides of the store. (I know there are usually four sides but I am counting the garden department as another side since it is located in an alcove.)

A grow light bulb was on my list because I am starting collard, broccoli, cauliflower, onion and leek seeds in my basement for fall. I went to the garden department to find a grow light and didn't find one then went to the lighting section and found plant lights but no grow lights. After reading on the package that plant lights are for spotlighting a plant to make it look more appealing, I knew they were not what I needed.

I hoped for a couple of inexpensive bulbs to go in some shop light fixtures and the plant lights (not what I needed) were over five dollars each. After scanning row upon row of bulbs for every purpose imaginable and for every possible use, I found this great $10 fixture that was an actual grow light. I also can use it and replace the bulb when it goes bad. This covers more space than my shop lights and when I plugged it up, it was kind of pink. I liked that. I hope my collards will, too.

Also, I must say that Walmart turned out to be less crowded than I feared. It was a good day.

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