Monday, August 12, 2013

My look-alike chair

 Last week my new IKEA catalog arrived--first at my Mother's and then at my house. When she received hers I scanned though and put it down but when it arrived at my house I really gave it a good look. I love all their space-saving ideas and the magazine makes me want to clean out shelves and buy storage items.

One thing I really loved was the little chair in the center of page 183. I have been searching yard sales for a chair to put in my bathroom to sit in while drying my hair--a primping chair. It is very important to me to get one but I didn't want to 1. Spend much money on it or 2. Take too much time and money fixing it up. 

I have looked for about 6 months at yard sales and thrift stores but never found the right chair. The IKEA chair I liked was $99 and I didn't want to pay that much for my chair but I thought at the time I had better save my money because I was never going to find a suitable chair.

Last week I was out of town and shopping with my daughter-in-law--a great sale shopper of all kinds--especially yard sales. I have never gone to a yard sale out of town but she thought it might be fun so we looked up yard sales on and went by a few. I was quite disappointed. They really didn't have anything for me. Sometimes yard sales are like that and just aren't worth the gas it takes to get to them.

After yard sales, we decided  to stop by thrift stores. Not too much at the first couple of thrift stores but we stopped by a store called Picker's Paradise which was OK. Things were a little pricey but the stuff was interesting. I walked out to the furniture section of their store since it was a 25 percent off day--which btw had no air conditioning and found the chair below. I thought it was a nice version of the IKEA chair

I couldn't find a price tag anywhere and I thought it really looked similar to the IKEA chair. When I asked, the price was $9.99 and 25 percent off. I tried not to seem too pleased, I just nodded and said OK--but I was thinking about what kind of cushion I could get for my new chair and whether or not I should paint it a bright color.

I really love it. I have washed it off--once with just soap and then with a soapy bleach solution and I will be looking for a nice cushion. this week. Meanwhile, I will be enjoying my new chair and I am so happy that I have saved $91.50! I love it!

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