Monday, August 19, 2013

More from the Christie's garden

The Christies in Sharpsburg have more tropicals than any private garden I have ever seen. They also have some other beautiful and picturesque mini-garden areas that would be a great places to spend some time.

A very large butterfly plant was covered with pretty butterflies posing for my camera.

And beautiful yellow and orange cannas.

I loved the chair sitting among the lush and lovely vines.

The staghorn fern is so large and beautiful. It has a place of honor in the front yard. Cindy told us they had forgotten to bring it in one year and were very pleased that it survived the frost. Staghorn ferns are a type of air plant. This one is mammoth!

I really loved this beautiful fern.

And there are several areas that are just a sea of ferns. When we left, Mike gave us a fern to take home.

There were areas of color.

And unusual trees that are not usually grown here, like the ones below.

And so many areas that are covered with tropical plants, vines and southern favorites.

They grow some very nice hydrangeas.

Some very pretty succulents, used as ground cover.

And a hosta garden.

Sometimes the deer eat the hostas. This year they have not been attacked by deer.

Everywhere we turned, there were surprises that delighted us.

I wonder if they purchased the gazing ball to match the flowers or vice verse?

I also loved that they have a vegetable garden area. The tomatoes had been attacked by the deer but the peppers look very good.

Though shade covers most of their property, they still have an area dedicated to roses.

On their deck they grow geraniums and beautiful herb plants.

When they moved here, most of their property was covered in grass and now they only have a small patch of grass left which will soon be turned into a water feature.

They have invited us back in the spring to see things in bloom and also visit their new water feature. I can't wait. I know I will be similarly impressed with anything they add. I really appreciated their hospitality and the plant gifts. Their garden is truly remarkable. I know they spend so much time working in the garden and I wish I could tend a garden half so well.

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  1. Oh how beautiful - what a lovely garden. Thank you so much for sharing, Joanie