Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Really? A pergola

Every now and then I see something that makes me wonder what happened. I want to say--really? Why would you do that? When I see something I consider odd I will take a photo and comment. My reason is that I just can't imagine what people are thinking at times. Here is my first photo with comments.

This past weekend I went to a yard sale and I saw this beautiful butterfly bush and this nice pergola and I just couldn't understand why this was part of their landscape. The bush doesn't need shade and the pergola has no real reason to tower over this bush which has grown so large that it almost fills the entire space.

I was just amazed. One reason is that I would love to have a pergola--perhaps in my backyard and if I had one, I might put a table under it or a bench and I would have a very nice vine climbing over it. I might even add an outdoor fan over it to blow away unwanted insects but I would never fill the space with a butterfly bush--even a nice one.

The people were very nice and they had done some really nice things with their house. I just had to comment. I now feel better!

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  1. Hi Deberah, I so agree with you. We've been thinking about building a pergola too but we wouldn't fill it with a butterfly bush. I so enjoy your blog, Joanie