Monday, August 3, 2009

Deodorant and a space experiment

What does the recent Endeavor space shuttle mission and my choice of deodorant have in common? Strangely enough a recent experiment by a Japanese astronaut reminds me of my deodorant solution. You can read about it here.

This Japanese experiment to find ways to extend the use of clothing while in space is practical, but I can also understand why many thought it a bit strange.

Now why is my deodorant similar to the Japanese experiment? Some time ago, I developed an allergy to the aluminum in regular antiperspirant deodorant and on a recent visit to the allergy doctor, I mentioned that fact to him.

He recommended an antibiotic, used by people who suffer from acne, for use on my armpits. He said I would still sweat but it wouldn't smell because the antibiotic would kill the bacteria. Amazingly, it really does work!

Now, every morning, I apply a drop of clindimycin to each armpit and after it dries I apply a natural deodorant, like the one above, for a fresh smell. It really works. I found that sweat doesn't really smell until it grows bacteria. If you kill the bacteria you can avoid the unpleasant odor. Kind of like the Japanese astronaut's discovery with his space underwear.

Before this, I had experimented with natural ingredients to make my own deodorant but nothing ever worked. So my recommendation for those who have an aluminum allergy is to check with your doctor for a solution. You won't even have to go to space to discover it.

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