Friday, August 7, 2009

Fixing our #1 problem

We have decided that our number one problem this year is not having the ability to keep animals out of our garden. Right now it is deer. We can spray deer-away products but that really doesn't last. They have eaten all our peas and all the tops of our okra.

So we went to our new Tractor Supply Company and purchased enough electric fencing to keep the deer away for good. They may get a little shock but after that they should stay away. Everyone we have talked to about this problem said the electric fence is the answer.
So, we went to the new Tractor Supply yesterday because they were having a grand opening ten percent off sale. When we arrived, we found our cousin Evan who loves his new job there and he helped us get all the supplies together. He was so nice and helpful.

This week we are going to put up that fence and take care of our number one problem. Watch out deer. You are going to have to give up the okra and peas. You can only eat the apples from the nearby apple tree now.

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