Monday, August 24, 2009

A shocking development

I am so excited because we now have our new electric fence that will be protecting our garden from deer and other animals. They have given us fits all summer and we just couldn't stand the thought of going through another gardening season without something to protect our handiwork.

The first day or so, the deer tried to enter the garden and even tore down a strand of wire, but they evidently received a shock because they haven't returned in the last few days. Every now and then we see a rabbit that must have brushed the fence because it seems to be running for its life.

The electric fence is certainly the way to go. It is inexpensive and really does a good job. We purchased the kind of fence that has a pulsing current so that it is harmless to animals (it allows small animals to get free of the fence because of the pulsing, rather than constant current). While it does give animals who get too close a shocking experience, it doesn't hurt them and trains them to keep away.

Just what we needed.

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